A platform or a product. It's your choice

Cleverly allows you to choose the product you need or implement a complete property operations platform. 

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Some of the Cleverly products ...

Smart cleaning

Improve office cleanliness and link resources to usage with Cleverly's sensor driven smart cleaning solution.

Resource booking

Have your real estate respond to requirements by providing booking capabilities. Use for any resource from desks and meeting rooms to parking spaces and podcast studios. 

Asset management (EAM)

Get real time data on your operating costs with Cleverly's asset management solution. Calculate downtime costs, provide documentation to attending engineers and route work orders based on insurance expiries. Just part of Cleverly's asset management product. 


Cleverly provides a complete works order management solution with additional features such as contractor management; built-in communications and broadcast capabilities; data & analytics modules and more. 

Can we just use one Cleverly product?

Absolutely, Cleverly is designed to be used as a single point solution or a suite of products. 

Get in touch to see how we can make Cleverly work for your needs. 

Do I need other suppliers' products as well?

Some of Cleverly's products are designed to work with hardware or software from third party suppliers such as IoT sensors. 

We will make sure that your solution includes all the required resources and will all be included within your Cleverly licence.

Can I use my own sensors?

Sure*. We would be happy to integrate Cleverly with your existing sensor infrastructure. Assuming that we can get the required information, we would be happy to configure Cleverly accordingly. 

Speak with your account manager to discuss your particular situation

Can I add more products later?

Of course you can. Cleverly is designed to become more powerful as you add additional space management operations to the system. Products and solutions are designed to work together so feel free to add more as appropriate.