Automate, coordinate, and optimise every task with a platform built for seamless management of maintenance operations.
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Aren't you tired of managing your maintenance work manually?

❌   Still calling and emailing to get updates, certificates and reports?

❌   Wasting time getting information for reports that you should have at the click of a button?

❌   Having to do the same tasks over and over instead of automating your process?

❌   Spending time searching for information across different systems or accounts?

❌   Struggling with systems that don't adapt to your use and support that is non-responsive?

Here’s how Cleverly can help you streamline operations & save costs

Integrated, multi-channel communication

Consolidate communication from multiple channels — including email, text and WhatsApp — within one platform.

➤   Chat with colleagues, suppliers or customers in real time from within Cleverly. Distribute messages to select groups.

➤   Use message templates and options to create automatic, custom notifications to different user groups.

Create custom reports to monitor what you want

Cleverly allows you to create custom reports for internal use or to send to other stakeholders.

Choose what you want to track and over what timeframe, to have access to information and data with a single click.

Workflow Builder for core property maintenance tasks

Cleverly comes with a simple easy-to-use automation builder. Select combinations of triggers, conditions and actions to automate core property maintenance tasks, such as raising and chasing payments, assigning planned work and responding to minor issues.

Used with Cleverly's communication and work order configuration tools, the automation builder simplifies admin-intensive property maintenance.
All your assets & locations in one centralized system
● detailed asset register & location records
● each asset can be represented as a pin on a floor plan
● unique QR codes generated for each asset
● monitor asset health and performance in real-time
Easily create & manage work orders
● searching, sorting and filtering tools
● event-driven work order generation
Automate common maintenance tasks with a simple drag-and-drop builder
Easily manage cross-channel communication with suppliers, contractors and tenants
● consolidated communication from multiple channels
● one-to-one chats in real-time
● distribute broadcasts to different contact groups
● shared inboxes
Track 50+ business metrics & get insights on what needs to be improved
● customisable to align with important SLAs and KPIs
● a range of interactive dashboards and reports
Keep your data safe
Integrate Cleverly with 50+ third-party systems, applications and tools, including
Finance and payments
Business intelligence
IoT sensors
1000+ more integrations available via
API access upon request

How does Cleverly compare?

ProNett / Access
Workflow automation
Email integrations
Customer & Supplier portals
Audit & communications
Booking capability
Permissions & threshold limits

Why our clients love us

Cleverly provides a powerful platform for communications, work order management, compliance, planned and reactive maintenance. The system is really flexible.‍
George Boldero
Operations Manager, Tempus FM

No other product like it. Allows us to be operationally as efficient as possible & to provide the very best service to our clients. Ease of use, planned maintenance function, report and date collection. So much more sophisticated than other off the shelf products.

Andrew Jaques
Co-Founder and COO, Homyze Ltd.

Cleverly is a powerful system that we have adapted to match our processes. Lots of settings but easy to use and great support. If you’re looking for a productive and time efficient system, Cleverly it is.

Zoheb Munir
Facilities Team, Aegis Support Services

With customizable job templates and checklists for our cleaners, Cleverly provides us with a better field service management solution. The data and analytics is really appreciated by our clients.

Choung Van Dang
Founder, Hammock Cleaning
Cleverly is flexible enough to be used across our different asset classes but powerful enough to save us loads of time. It also gives us all the data and charts we need for our clients.

Sebastian Oliver
Director, Mayfair Private Office
Cleverly give us the customer and supplier platform that means everyone has the same information. We can see what we need and others see what they should.

Matteo Veleno
Building Manager, Encore Group
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A message from the Founder

As the owner of a facilities management company I know first hand how expensive, inflexible and difficult to use FM software has historically been.

Over the last few years, margins have got tighter, staff have been tougher to hire and retain, and customers & colleagues have got more demanding. At the same time, new technologies have emerged that should make it easier to manage and maintain the relevant processes, properties and people.

Cleverly was built to provide a complete solution. We work with you to ensure that you can access data, information and insights so you can streamline your operations. It’s a single source of truth for you, your customers or colleagues and you suppliers. Our automation does a lot of the work currently done manually by you, your helpdesk or your operations team.

Cleverly also works with you to provide additional products and services such as remote monitoring, automated and predictive maintenance and big data analytics. We are the only software partner you need.
Adam Edgell-Bush

5 Ways to Streamline Your FM Operations & Automate 60% Of Your Day-To-Day Tasks

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll find inside:

How you can make it easier for customers & colleagues to raise work orders in a standardized way.

How to automatically prioritize information & spotlight the highest priority jobs, so people can take the right actions.

How to set up notifications & alerts to make sure your team stays on top of their work.

How to set up IFTTT rules to automate most common tasks when a certain trigger occurs.

How to set up simple yet insightful reports that'll show you exactly how each site is performing over time.

Is Cleverly for you?

It is perfect for companies looking to:
  • Simplify day-to-day operations & automate 60% of their maintenance tasks
  • Do more work without sacrificing service quality
  • Save up to 30% of your yearly expenses
  • Make the most out of the current workforce, budget & schedule they have
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