Remove 60% of your manual processes. Tomorrow. 

With Cleverly, you can digitalise and automate your space and facilities management tasks.

Reduce the strain associated with creating work orders; chasing suppliers; maintaining compliance; managing calendars in one easy to use platform.

  • Modular system

  • Integrations

  • Multi-party access

  • Easily configurable

Get functionality and features you need

Cleverly is built with a combination of ready-to-use modules including finance; asset management; payment processing; sensors; data & analytics and communications. Increase engagement by only implementing the functionality you need. 

Increase the power of your platform with integrations

Cleverly is designed to integrate with your existing ways of working. By integrating with third party productivity, IoT sensor, business intelligence, communications and financial software, Cleverly seamlessly fits into your existing workflow processes. 

A single source of truth for you and your suppliers

Cleverly provides a platform accessible for all parties. The system supports occupiers & tenants; customers and suppliers with configurable permissions.

Keep everyone on the same page by providing a filtered view on the same sources of data and offering a communications channel accessible to all parties. 

Personalise your platform to suit 

With Cleverly, you can change system settings yourself without the need to use internal or external development resources. Cleverly allows you to change automated workflows, messaging. rates, SLAs/KPIs, themes and many other components with our simple system settings.

Powerful Communications Channel

Powerful Communications Channel

With Cleverly, all your messages are stored in one place. Get notifications on mentions, send messages to customers and suppliers, search history and forward reports at a click of a button. Cleverly also integrates with Slack, WhatsApp, SMS, emails and more.

Analytics and Actionable Insights

Analytics and Actionable Insights

Use Cleverly to create custom dashboards to track your KPIs or export the data into your analytics software. Cleverly can break out data to create specific insights or facilitate advanced statistical models for a deeper analysis.

Straightforward User Experience

Straightforward User Experience

Make your brand stand out in this cluttered digital world

Accomplish your daily work orders with Cleverly through the simple and intuitive user interface. Stay on top of schedules with advance planning and automation while reducing downtimes.