See how other companies use Cleverly

Cleverly provides various products and solutions that can be tailored to each client's requirements. Here are just some of the ways in which Cleverly helps companies improve their operating efficiency and use data for decisions and insights. 

Make your Cleverly platform even more powerful

“As a facilities management company handling a range of services using both internal and external suppliers, we need a way of keeping all parties informed ... all of the time.”

“With customisable job templates and checklists for our cleaners, Cleverly provides us with a better field service management solution. The data and analytics is really appreciated by our clients.”

“Cleverly provides a powerful platform for communications, work order management, compliance, planned and reactive maintenance. The system is really flexible.”

Facilities management companies

Work order handling; workflow automation; planned and reactive maintenance; compliance; task management. Just some of the building blocks of Cleverly for facilities management companies.

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Corporate occupiers

With resource booking that allows employees to book desks, meeting rooms or any other shared resource as well as sensor integrations ensuring suitable environmental conditions. Cleverly helps corporates optimise their workplaces for productivity. 

Asset Management
  • Corporate Occupiers


What does the future of work (and the workplace) look like?

Advances in technology and the effect of exogenous factors such as global pandemics mean that the nature not just of the workplace but of work itself will change. 

Here, Cleverly has a look at what might change and when. Download our guide or get in touch to discuss. 

Manufacturing companies

Using Cleverly's IoT sensor integrations to collect runtime data and generate tasks or work orders based on thresholds that you set. Keep track of maintenance spend and costs of downtime. 

Data & Analytics

Asset managers & landlords

Get access to the data you need without relying on your suppliers or property managers. Track compliance and contractor performance levels; spend by service line or property and provide tenant portals for residents or occupiers. 

Real Asset Insights
  • Operators & Estate Managers


What does digitalisation mean within real estate and facilities management?

There are many existing and emerging technologies that are going to affect the real estate industry. There are also plenty that are unlikely to be as impactful as proposed ... at least in the near term. 

Here, Cleverly has a look at how the worlds of bits & bytes (software) and atoms (property) are coming together.

If you would like to discuss this guide or any other aspect of the convergence of these worlds, get in touch.  

Estate & Facilities Managers

All your information in one place. Issue work orders; communicate with colleagues and contractors; monitor compliance levels and manage your assets. Cleverly powers clients-side site operations. 

Occupier & Supplier Portals

Hospitality Companies

Compliance, checklists and task management. Use Cleverly to stay on top of your operations. Issue work orders; communicate with colleagues and contractors; remotely monitor sites and manage your assets, plant and equipment. Automate the everyday.  

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Commercial & Resi Property Managers

Let Cleverly chase suppliers for quotes, invoices, job reports without you needing to lift a finger. Focus on managing your relationships rather than your calendar and 'to do' list. 

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