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Interviewing AI for a FM role

How will AI/machine learning improve facilities management? Well, we asked it .... consider this their job interview.


What is the residual value of an asset?

Assets cost money to buy and maintain? If there is anything left when they are past their useful life that is the residual value. Here is some more...



CAFM, CMMS and IWMS are all commonly-heard acronyms in the facilities management world. What is actually the difference?

facilities management

What is planned preventative maintenance (PPM)?

Planned preventative maintenance involves creating a scheduled set of tasks to improve asset life and reduce costs. How can they be successful? Read...

facilities management

What is an IWMS?

Integrated Workplace Management Systems is another way in which digitalisation is impacting the worlds of facilities and space management. What are...


What is a CMMS?

Computerised maintenance management systems is a bit of a mouthful, so it was abbreviated to CMMS. But what is a CMMS and how should you choose one?

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