Helping healthcare companies keep compliant and operate sites

Audits, approvals, asset management. All from a single system.

Whether you are managing work orders, or organising maintenance on medical equipment, Cleverly centralises your entire operations seamlessly.

This means that you can focus on the things that matter most - delivering care to your clients. Safe in the knowledge that things are running smoothly across your sites. 

With Cleverly, everything is effortlessly connected.

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Stay on top of your compliance at a location & estate level. 


Cleverly gives you contractor management built in. 


Create custom jobs or checklists & auto-generate tasks. 


Create custom reports and collate audit information instantly.

Wouldn't it be great if you could run your operations on autopilot?

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Automate everyday processes

With Cleverly, you can automate many of your workflows to run in the background. This includes chasing job reports; sending reminders of PPM visits; monthly status reports for management ... you write the rules, Cleverly does the rest. 

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All your activity in one place

The Cleverly system allows you to store documents; message customers or contractors; view an audit log or activity trail; generate quotes, job reports and compliance documentation. 

No more searching through various systems. It's all at your fingertips with Cleverly. 

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Straightforward User Experience

Accomplish more with Cleverly through our simple and intuitive user interface. Create custom reports that you can run for your regulatory bodies at the click of a button; stay on top of asset management strategy; create issue reporting workflows for site-based staff.

It's all possible from your Cleverly platform.

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Asset Management (Including Sensors)

Cleverly doesn't just allow you to track your work orders, quotes, compliance and contractors. The system also gives you asset management capabilities that you can extend via sensor integrations.

Create custom fields, use QR codes for issue reporting or service history and extract data to deliver real value for clients. 

With Cleverly, we give you asset level intelligence as standard. 

  • Modular system

  • Integrations

  • Multi-party access

  • Easily configurable

Get the functionality and features you need

Cleverly is built with a combination of ready-to-use modules including finance; asset management; payment processing; sensors; data & analytics and communications. Increase engagement by only implementing the functionality you need. 

Increase the power of your platform with integrations

Cleverly is designed to integrate with your existing ways of working. By integrating with third party productivity, IoT sensor, business intelligence, communications and financial software, Cleverly seamlessly fits into your existing workflow processes. 

A single source of truth for you and your suppliers

Cleverly provides a platform accessible for all parties. The system supports occupiers & tenants; customers and suppliers with configurable permissions.

Keep everyone on the same page by providing a filtered view on the same sources of data and offering a communications channel accessible to all parties. 

Personalise your platform to suit 

With Cleverly, you can change system settings yourself without the need to use internal or external development resources. Cleverly allows you to change automated workflows, emails, rates, SLAs/KPIs, themes and many other components with our simple system settings.