Workflow Automation

Your system. Your rules. 

Cleverly’s rules engine sits at the heart of its operating system. This allows you to customize Cleverly to your needs and make it work with your other products and processes.

For many, workflow automation felt like the future. But the future is now. Workflow automation allows Cleverly customers to bring a robust and scalable solution to existing processes and practices.

Rather than having pieces of information sit within spreadsheets or siloed systems, Cleverly codifies your corporate intelligence.

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The system you wished existed is now here. A fully featured platform with simple and intuitive design.


Build closer relationships with colleagues, customers and suppliers.


Reconciliation and integrations means that staying on top of finances is easy.

Asset management

Get true asset management capabilities with proof of presence, TCO and contextual information.

Resource booking

Make any asset a bookable resource whether this is a desk, a meeting room or a parking space.

Sensor integrations

Get real time occupancy and operating information by integrations with IoT sensors.

Scheduled tasks

Task management and planned maintenance capabilities mean you can 'set & forget' your schedule.

Data & analytics

Customise your data collection and distribution to get real business intelligence.


Make the Cleverly system even more powerful by connecting your other software solutions.