The complete operating system for facilities management companies. 

Generate at least £100,000 in as little as 90 days or your money back.

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Save time spent managing operations

Cleverly provides you with a complete solution that allows you to easily handle work orders; communicate with staff and customers; get access to data and reports and chase invoices or quotes plus so much more. 

How it works ...

1. Set up your customers, sites & suppliers.

You can add custom invoice details, rates and SLAs for each as needed.

Your customers can then login to raise their own work orders (or submit for approval). All communications and actions are logged within the work order ... no more need for multiple systems or expensive integrations. 

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2. Add your workflow automations & alerts.

Cleverly allows you to automate your everyday tasks using a simple interface. Work order routing, report chasing and approvals based on settings such as time or using external inputs such as sensors can all be created.

Cleverly runs in the background like your best operations team member. It's like running your business on autopilot.

3. Watch the impact that Cleverly has. 

You’ll feel the difference as soon as you start using Cleverly. Even better, you can see it in the more than 50 metrics tracked by Cleverly across finance, operations and contractor management. 

You can review your reports and grow your business whilst having a happier team. 1-click downloads, charts and reports ... it's all part of the Cleverly platform. 

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How does Cleverly compare?

ProNett / Access
Workflow automation
Email integrations
Customer & Supplier portals
Audit & communications
Booking capability
Permissions & threshold limits

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A message from the founder

As the owner of a facilities management company I know first hand how expensive, inflexible and difficult to use FM software has historically been.

Over the last few years, margins have got tighter, staff have been tougher to hire and retain, and customers have got more demanding.

Cleverly was built to provide a complete solution for FM companies. We work with you to ensure that you can deliver data, information and results for your clients so you can win more business. Our customer portal is built to allow your customers to raise work orders, get job reports and see status updates without needing to contact your team. Our automation does a lot of the work usually done by your helpdesk or operations team.

Cleverly will work with you to provide additional products and services such as remote monitoring, automated and predictive maintenance and big data analytics. We are the only software partner you need.

Is Cleverly for you? 

This call is perfect for facilities management companies who are looking to: 

  • Generate at least £100,000 in additional revenues in 90 days (or your money back)

  • Save your team’s time and improve job satisfaction

  • Impress clients and win more business