Real time monitoring. Remotely

The Cleverly platform means that you can increase visibility over your sites and operations while reducing the required resources. 

Cleverly helps by automating your processes and using third party data sources to trigger actions.

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Make your Cleverly platform even more powerful
  • Audit Log

  • Customisable templates

  • Multiple User Types

  • Mobile and PC based

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Keep track of all your account activity

Cleverly provides an audit log which records all activity across work orders which allows you to easily understand what happened and when. 

Save time by not needing to trawl through emails or look at text messages. Cleverly's time stamped notifications mean you can gain instant insight. 

Checklists & Templat illustration

Standardise your service delivery

Cleverly allows you to create standardised checklists and job templates. Whether this is a defined set of tasks for a periodic maintenance visit; manufacturer or insurance requirements; or a specified process or cleaning protocol. 

You can also capture data or values in work order completion as part of your checklist. 

Illustration of different user types

Customers, contractors, colleagues, occupiers, tenants

Cleverly allows you to designate and define different user types within the system. 

Add permissions and thresholds to ensure that the right users see the right information and can successfully carry our their responsibilities. Customise alerts if approvals are required. 


Cleverly comes in a variety of form factors

Cleverly can be used as a mobile or PC-based application. Get the information wherever and whenever you need it via Cleverly. 

No need for custom hardware for your field engineers, Cleverly can be used with any* modern smart device. 

Just part of the Cleverly platform

Cleverly offers more than just cleaning solutions. Want more information about the wider Cleverly system? Just click the button below. 

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“As a facilities management company handling a range of services using both internal and external suppliers, we need a way of keeping all parties informed. all of the time .”

“With customisable job templates and checklists for our cleaners, Cleverly provides us with a better field service management solution. The data and analytics is really appreciated by our clients.”

“Cleverly provides a powerful platform for communications, work order management, compliance, planned and reactive maintenance. The system is really flexible.”