SME Spend on Software

How much should small and medium sized companies spend on their software purchases? What can they expect as a return on investment? Here are some data ...

At Cleverly, we work from a place of love ❤️ (opportunities, increased revenues, higher efficiency) not fear 😱 (you are going to lose business, everyone else is doing it ...).

So this is not designed to scare people into acting so much as it is here to inform. According to Capterra:

📈 69% of SMEs are increasing their software spend in 2023 (60% in UK, 75% in US)
💲 The average spend on a software purchase is $32,212 ($28,925 in UK, $34,089 in US)
👩‍💻 Security, help desk and analytics are top areas of spend. [Wouldn't it be great if you could combine in one purchase 😎 ?]
🙈 Inertia rules! Implementation (downtime & learning curves) is the #1 reason for not progressing with a purchase. #2 is budget.

Software investment brings enormous benefits/ROI and is not only for large corporates. Indeed, SMEs have perhaps bigger percentage gains to make from their investment.

It's great to hear that we are heading in the right direction.

Obviously, I'm a huge believer in the power of software (and even more so people + software!).

Here is a link to Capterra's evaluation principles so that you can explore further:

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