How can you manage your workplace more easily?

Making your workplace run more smoothly has an impact on people and ultimately, productivity. How can you streamline its operation? Cleverly can help.

A business has a multitude of departments that you will have to manage effectively. Ensuring that the IT, admin, marketing, and sales departments can communicate with each other is essential. Moreover, with the help of good automation software, you can help solve many problems and optimize your workspace.

These types of software come with sensors and a wide variety of smaller applications for managing your workplace. Furthermore, these apps are ideal for optimising office space to ensure that your employees continue to have a relaxed working environment.

The Importance of Managing A Workplace

Most adults spend a large chunk of their day in the workplace. According to the BLS, the average employee spent 7.7 hours a day working in 2019. That is a lot of time to be spending in a single place. However, employees can feel overburdened if a workplace is not friendly to workers or does not manage its space properly.

Make the Employee Feel Satisfied

One of the most important things that a good workplace contributes to is a feeling of satisfaction. The truth is that a good salary with benefits can only keep an employee so happy. If they feel like they are doing too much work or that, the workplace environment is not calming, they might choose to leave.

If they have to constantly answer questions from their seniors or have to deal with hurtful accusations, they will not want to stay. Employees on their last legs are also generally much harder to manage, as they are constantly in a foul mood.

Reduce Stress and Improve Happiness

A stress-free workspace is always a good thing for employees looking to do their work in peace. Most of your employees will not handle stress well, as they can crack under pressure and struggle to work properly. But by keeping a happy and lighthearted environment, employees will start feeling a lot more relaxed and better manage their work.

Tools That Will Help You Manage a Workplace

Automation is an integral part of managing a workplace. It allows you to communicate with teams in an office and keep track of the different tasks. Here are some types of workspace tools that can help you better manage a workplace.

Time Tracking Tools

Time tracking tools are very common among all types of workplace automation services. This type of productivity tool can track the time that people spend on various tasks. A timer starts as soon as they open the file, and it will record the time it is taking someone to finish their tasks.

These tools are also good at tracking when someone goes in or comes out of the workspace. You can easily edit and change the timers to the values that you want. The tool will also feature a multitude of timers that will trigger depending on the task that someone is performing.

Proof Reading Tools

You will also be writing a multitude of messages, emails, or even promotional material for the firm. But regardless of what you use it for, you will always need a proper proofing and reviewing tool to see if you have made any mistakes.

From grammatical errors to issues in sentence structure, it will help with various composition issues. These types of proofing tools are also useful in improving the overall quality of the text that you write. They can be especially useful when sending emails to stakeholders or creating promotional material.

Review and Proofing Tools

Working together with the different departments requires a considerable amount of back and forth. You will have to constantly have to confirm various decisions with them and wait for their approval. Suffice to say that it can be a very tiring task.

But with the help of proofing software, different departments can easily communicate with each other effectively. These tools can gather feedback about certain tasks and allow other people to leave their comments. The overlay will also show if they have approved of the task or not. Moreover, when they finally approve of the task, you can move on.

Task Management Tools

These types of tools mainly concern themselves with tasks specific to management. With the help of proper management software, you will easily add tasks, organize them, categorize them, and even reduce them. These tools specialize in ensuring that all of the necessary tasks will finish by the end of the day.

These tools will also allow you to time these projects to set a due date or a start date for them. Some of the tools will also include reporting and planning abilities, making them better for specific tasks.

Chat Tools

Integrated chat tools are an essential part of any good workflow automation service. These tools allow people from different departments to communicate with each other more effectively. These tools usually come in overlays, which hover over other tasks and are only a click away.

You will be able to send messages, create groups, and give announcements through these chat tools. Most modern chat tools even allow you to send pictures, videos, and voice messages to get your point across better.

The All-In-One Tool

While you could certainly choose all of these workspace tools separately, or you can choose one that has all of them. These types of software have all of the tools mentioned above and much more. They are a versatile package where everything that you would want comes under a single roof. You can even better integrate different tools, as most of the all-in-ones tend to be very customizable.

Planning, proofing, time tracking, and much more will all be accessible from one place. This can reduce downtime and improve workflow.

IoT Tools


Another very popular type of tool that you can use to manage your workspace better is IoT tools. These tools use sensors, applications, and AI to make for a very efficient and smart workplace. These tools usually allow people to control various aspects of the office through their phones and laptops alone.

These IoT tools will track how many people are in the office, the temperature, and control parking. Some tools can even allow you to shift the walls and tables around in the office, giving employees the privacy they want.

How IoT Makes the Workspace Easier to Manage

IoT can often feel like something straight out of science fiction movies. However, while it cannot terraform buildings just yet, using IoT in workspace management can prove to be very effective. As more and more features continue to integrate within IoT, it is bringing about more benefits.

Improving Space Utilization

Most IoT sensors have become so advanced that they can triangulate how best to use space in an office. They will consider all of the furniture that you have as well as the total space you have. After making calculations and considering certain things, it will show off a map of the floor.

This map will show you where and how the AI has placed all of the furniture. This can save you considerable space and money in real estate fees, as you can better utilize the space you have.

Reducing Energy Usage

Another way that these self-serving sensors can help is by tracking body heat signatures to see if people are in specific rooms. If the sensors find no one in a specific space, it will close the lights, fans, and other electronics. LED blubs work especially well with IoT, as they can connect to smart devices easily.

Using IoT can help you track the different electronics consuming energy and how you can better save money. The system can also make use of proximity sensors, which will follow when people are close. If they are, the sensors will turn on the device, and as soon as the individual leaves, it will turn off.

Better Control Office Climate

Another great benefit that comes with an IoT thermostat is that you will not have to regulate the temperature yourself. Instead, you can set a specific temperature on the thermostat, which will connect to other heating or cooling devices.

It will continue to track the temperature and turn on or off the appliance to maintain a specific temperature. If you happen to raise the temperature for the workspace, the self-serving IoT will adjust the climate naturally.


Cleverly: Your All-In-One Automation Service

If you are looking for a robust and versatile automation service with all the necessary tools, then Cleverly is for you. They offer a wide variety of automation services, with their specialty lying in customer service tools. They even have a variety of IoT integrations that can further help you manage your workplace.

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